Auto Transportation Company – Insights

Probably one may wonder how vehicles are transported from one place to another without being driven. That has been possible since people usually move or travel to other places or orders vehicles from locations away from their place. Auto transportation in a way saves energy and money. Anyway, let’s look further into the process of auto transporting and learn how to avail this service.Learn more about at auto transportation company  website

Step 1: Gather quotes from several auto moving companies
Auto transport companies could be contacted online. There is a variety of companies to choose from. Clients just have to inquire and submit their requirements to the carrier or the broker and they could readily get quotations. It is really best to canvass with at least three to five companies to obtain good comparisons of the services and quotations offered. From the options provided the client will have to choose the best deal. The pickup and delivery dates and other pertinent information will then have to be discussed with the service provider.

Step 2: Filing of the contract
All paperwork will be filled out and a contract of the agreements between the client and the company will have to be signed. Before the signing of contract every detail of the transaction will have to be clarified. Auto transportation companies usually email, fax or mail a preliminary form for formalities of accepting the quote and to get the process started. Depending on whether the deal has been made with a broker or directly with a carrier the shipment will be processed. After everything has been planned the client will be informed of the pickup date.

Step 3: Vehicle Pickup
The vehicle will be picked-up on the designated place that has been agreed upon. The driver will inspect the vehicle for any damages and will take not of the condition of the vehicle on the Bill of Lading. The vehicle will be loaded onto the trailer or carrier and before the driver leaves a copy of the Bill of Lading will be handed to the client.

Step 4: Delivery of Vehicle
A call will be received from the company or from the driver few days prior to the arrival of the vehicle. The vehicle will have to be picked-up from a terminal or will be delivered straight to the client’s place depending on the deal. The vehicle will have to be inspected by the client and the driver for any damages or changes on its physical condition. These will be noted on the Bill of Lading. Payment for the auto transporting service will then be made.