A Note on Kostvejlederuddannelse

A diet alone is not enough to lose weight. We must take into account many aspects such as basal metabolism , physical exercise, loss of fat instead of muscle loss, the efficiency of digestion and conversion of energy, and maintaining a balanced nutrition.Go to our https://24timeravis.dk/kostvejlederuddannelse-bliv-kostvejleder-og-diaetist-uddannelse/ website for more info

According to the principles of thermoregulation, humans are endotherms. We expend energy to keep the blood at body temperature, which is about 37 ° C. This is accomplished by metabolism and blood circulation, and in special circumstances shivering or sweating to cool down.

In addition to thermoregulation, humans expend energy for the functioning of vital organs (especially the lungs, heart and brain). Except when sleeping, our skeletal muscle is working, especially to maintain upright posture. The average energy used to stay alive is called basal metabolic rate , which (for humans) is about 1 watt per kilogram of body mass . Thus a man of 75 kg to remain at rest (or just walk a few steps) burns about 75 watts continuously, or about 6500 kilojoules (1500 calories) per day.

Exercise is an important complement to the diet is effective in weight loss. The aerobic exercise is also important for maintaining good health, especially heart muscle strength. To be useful, aerobic exercise for 30 minutes required to maintain a heartbeat rate above 50% of which is at rest, at least three times a week. The idea that a few hours of exercise a week can help lose weight may be overestimated.

The minimum energy intake (without medical supervision) is 75% of that required to maintain basal metabolism . For a man of 100 kg, the minimum would be 1300 calories per day. By combining daily aerobic exercise with a diet would be able to lose 10 kg in half the time (70 days). Of course, the described regime is more rigorous than is desirable or advisable for many people. Therefore, under a program of more moderate weight loss, loss of 10 kg take up to 6 months. There are easy ways to exercise, like walking instead of driving, climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator, do chores manually, and so on.