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One of the hardest things about booking a ski holiday is choosing between ski resorts. This is particularly true for first time holiday bookers. There are so many different ski resorts out there, each with their own different character and facilities. The mere existence of specialist ski travel agencies is testament to the enormity of the task of discovering the right ski resort for you. The first issue is determining how appropriate the resort is for your proficiency level. The nature of mountains means that some ski resorts will be better for beginners, some better for intermediates and some better for experts. Some slopes are easier to ski down than others. Try this website to get more.

However, it is not just the shape of the mountain that has to be taken into consideration, it is also the provisions made for different skill levels and the facilities provided for. The facilities are particularly important if going on a family or group ski holiday where there may be people with you who do not want to ski all the time, or can’t ski at all. They will need things to do other than skiing, or at the very least, some excellent nursery slopes and a tremendous ski school to teach them how to do it. But before even getting to the stage of measuring how appropriate a ski resort is for you, you have to narrow it down to pick one to measure. France alone has approximately 700 ski resorts dotted around the Alps.

The trick is to narrow it down to the country first. Most ski guides will offer overviews of the country generally before drilling down to individual resorts. You might be swayed by family affiliations or one or more of you may speak the language. You might be swayed by budget. If you can’t afford much, then Bulgaria might be for you. If you want a luxury ski holiday, then maybe Switzerland. Something in between?

Once you’ve narrowed it down to a country, it gets a lot easier. There will usually be five or six main ski resorts for each country that you can start from in your investigations, and ski guides are pretty clear about difficulty levels and the like. The main thing to remember when choosing a resort for your holiday is to leave yourself plenty of time before booking. It can be a very long job to choose one.