Hand Tools – An Overview

Power tools have countless benefits over traditional hand tools. They are extremely powerful, convenient to use and offer more flexibility and portability. However, there are certain instances where power tools don’t prove to be an effective companion.

Most measuring tools use analog systems instead of digital ones. That’s why they don’t use electric power for operation and come under the heading of manual hand tools. In power tools category, you may find a few alternatives but they are usually expensive and don’t provide the value for your money. On the other hand, manual instruments are a lot cheaper and do the job just fine.

Various brick and mortar stores and online portals offer manual measuring tools for sale at reasonable prices. So it’s a convenient and a cost effective choice for majority of the craftsmen.

Countless retailers and online shopping stores stock a dynamic variety of woodworking power tools for sale and they are used globally by professional craftsmen and hobbyists. However, there are purists who refuse to let go of the old school technique and style. They think power tools are good alternative but manual tools provide more flexibility and an expert craftsmen can achieve better results with it.

Electricity is a common utility but still you may need to work at places and job sites where you don’t have access to electricity or there is a chance of intermittent supply causing frustration and hurdles. In such situations, hand tools can be of great use as you don’t need any power to operate.

It’s always a good idea to keep frequently used hand tools with you like screwdrivers, pliers, cutters etc even if you don’t need them for the time being.

Many craftsmen, especially those who are into woodworking, think that you can’t get the high level of perfection and accuracy with power tools as you get with manual hand tools. They believe that hand tools offer much more flexibility and control to the craftsmen enabling them to achieve highest peaks of precision and acumen.